Hope for Love

Compared to where I was in life till now really amazes me completely. I was in such a dark place for so many years. A place that broke me and broke me down. Beat me down until all doors where closed. It was scary and I felt so lost. I think feeling lost is the worst feeling you can feel in life. Having nowhere to go not knowing where you will end up. Being homeless really was a hard place to be but I didn’t worry because I know God was there. Through other people he showed me the way. Now I am rebuilding relationships and starting a whole new life. I have the most caring man that had the patience and a love in his heart that I needed to mend mine. God had a plan for me all along. We both reconnected unexpectedly. We had a friendship that goes 13 years back. I never thought in my wildest dreams he would be the one for me. God knows. I’m glad that I didn’t give up. I’m thankful for answered prayers. I was very specific and so was he. We both unknowingly were on a path to our Lord at the same time in our lives. I thank God for answered prayers. God is good all the time. I am happier than I’ve ever been. Don’t give up on love. Don’t give up on God. Don’t give up hope. Whatever your heart desires will come to pass. All you have to do is just believe and have faith in it. Along with interpersonal changes and filtering out the things that don’t serve you. God Bless!!

I Love You

I love you like the sun that warms the earth. I love you for your laughter that warms my heart. I love you for your kiss it’s like raindrops from heaven. I love you for your hugs. They are the warmth of a campfire to my soul. I love you like the stars that show through your eyes. I love your voice it’s a calm breeze that eases my mind. I love you for your touch that flows from the energy of the universe. I love you for truly loving me for who i am. I love you for mending my heart. I love you for you being you.


The four letter word that causes perceptions to be blinded by emotion. An emotion in a category all it’s own. An emotion we al have a hard time controlling. It can and will hit you instantly or creep right up on you. A beautiful yet rear it’s ugly head life changing emotion that clouds your mind and heart but makes the spirit soar! A heart changing whirl of a higher state that alters you forever. There is nothing you can do to stop it from happening. This is an emotional state that is out of our control. All you can do is go with it. Even if you know they’re wrong for you. Most of us have been in this place in life. A place that either will make you or break you. The solution is to go against what the heart wants. Listen to your mind and thoughts. Talk to yourself as if you are giving your own best friend or loved one advice. Practice this. Listen to yourself. You know what’s best for you. What’s best for you is always and usually the hardest thing to do. Especially if you always follow your heart. I find that those who follow their heart are taking the hard road because they subconsciously believe that’s the way it’s meant to be. This is not true to my experience. What I know from my lessons learned is that you shouldn’t follow your heart by itself. It will mislead You. You should follow your intuition and spirit. Follow through with a combined effort of Spirit, Mind, Body, and intuition. Intuition is a gift so use it. Let it guide you. This comes from spirit along with that storming feeling in your gut. It never lies. It will not let you down. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Most people don’t follow this cause they need physical proof. Have faith in your intuition just like you have faith in God. It’s a gift from God that protects you. Don’t waste anymore of your time here. It’s limited. Follow your heart when it comes to our Lord and Savior and God grace. We are made in God’s image. We come from God and the universal energies that God talks about in the bible. The love and kindness we give out comes back in kind. This energy “GOD” is actually the real love you are searching for. The wholeness of life and eternal life from our LIVING GOD. So put God first in your life. Love yourself secondly and you’re spouse or significant other should do the same. This will be a union for wholeness and make two into one or oneness. I wrote this to encourage healthy relationships. Help you to get out of a relationship that no longer serves you. Motivate you to leave that abusive relationship. If I can do it. I know you can. Seek and you will find true love. One that won’t ever fail you. You can start everyday by simply talking to yourself in a way that you would talk to someone you love. Using “I am” as your go to in the mirror. Any positive ” I AM” energy statement that inspires, motivates, and uplift.. say it to the universe. Pray and talk to God like he’s your best friend and put your faith in it. Believe what You say asks it will come to pass. You are the only person whom will be there for you. Start picking yourself up. Love you! I AM WORTHY


Have you ever noticed that life repeats itself. Sometimes in small ones and other times in big ones. Don’t matter how it recycles. It recycles. One day you might be looking yourself in the face even though it’s not you. A wrap around to who you use to be. Thinking it’s beyond the circle when you meet that person who’s exactly who you used to be. Someone that doesn’t see what great qualities they possess. A person that restricts their limitations from not knowing really who they are and what a great person they are inside. All the negative that people said with their words still linger in the subconscious. They doing even realize how beautiful they are. Well I’m seeing that beauty isn’t in the eye but the soul. I am also seeing that my soul is unique and one of a kind. Acceptance is the key. First know that accepting yourself for who you are makes it a lot easier to understand that everyone has theirselves to accept in the first place. Meaning.. whether you see this or not. Everything and everyone is ever changing. Nothing ever really remains the same. People do change. People can change. It’s up to you if you want to make that difference. Do something different. Think outside the box.

Sunset Shine

Watching a beautiful sunset is just a faint glimpse of the natural beauty we all harbor deep within our being. Next beautiful sunset you see.. Capture that moment and remember how it feels so later you can use it as a way to manifest a beauty that will make you shine brighter than the sun. Attracting all kinds of positive energy that will then project on to those whom you have enlightened by the way you spoke in kindness with wisdom and grace. Showing others the way to that beautiful sunset. Help them see their beauty within. Wake them from darkness. Shine your inner light. Be your best self. Show everyone that kindness is the answer for peace. Everyone has heart and gives when disaster strikes. Why wait? Do it everyday. Whether it’s giving kind uplifting words or stopping to help someone change a tire. Giving, sharing, caring, helping, and doing random acts of kindness everyday will be a movement toward a positive change economically and spiritually. It will help those lost in darkness to see the light. Giving opens the heart and shows the eyes what they cannot see. Causing awakening to the soul. Kinda like Mr. Scrooge when he finally seen the light. Giving is living. Let’s make the world a better place by standing strong together with compassion for humanity. Live and Let God Bless America. It’s time to Rise and Shine! Be that beautiful being God intended you to be. More beautiful than the most breath taking sunset you’ve ever seen. It’s up to all us as a whole to make the choice to live in peace and harmony for the here and now and the future.


This word is an emotional love for yourself that implies your worth internally. A word that runs deep in the subconscious from childhood. Your parents and upbringing sets your way of thinking in adulthood. If you are brought up with praise and positive constructive criticism in a way that boosts your confidence but let’s you know you are imperfect just like everyone else. You will know your worth and what you are deserving of. As long as you keep that positive self talk asks not take other people’s opinions personally. Which most the time that’s what we do. If so you can fix this by changing your thought perception through being kind to ourselves through talking to ourselves in the same way we would mentor a child. Start commending and praising yourself on everything you accomplish worth the little things. Such as chores and showering. In doing this you’re motivating yourself and giving yourself positive praise for simple things. This will build self esteem and confidence little by little. Help you feel more positive daily. It will also help you feel more grateful for what you have. Living in each moment as you go eMpowering your worth which in turn will affect that part of your mind that let’s you know you’re deserving of the simple little things and will build up confidence to the bigger things in life.


I am a true believer in God and that he does give you and show you signs to guide your way as long as you walk steady and have faith in it. Having faith means to believe in something that you Cabot see. Once you get good at that then you notice things more if you are a spiritual person or have innate gifts. I am lucky because I have this gifts. Im learning to develop them. I have new clarity now in my life than I ever have. Don’t ever give up. Always pray. Always believe. Always show faith. Always have hope. God is watching always.